Reel Hose Nozzle Hanging From a Metal Stand on a Grassy Field

Deep Well Camera System

Our Deep Well Systems are used in water, oil, and gas wells… and in the mining industry. These units go upto 6000 feet (1800 meters). If you need something deeper, a custom unit is possible using fiber optic cable. Contact us for current pricing and availability. 

Control Panel With a Monitor and Keyboard on a Wooden Table

Deep Unit
Camera Head Details

  • Powered by Lithium Ion No Memory Battery 
  • 10+ Hours of Operation on Full Charge 
  • Detachable Dual Camera Head, 2.75” OD (70 mm) 
  • Stainless Steel & Hard Anodized Aluminum 
  • Pressure Rated to 1000 PSI (69 Bar) 
  • Hi-Res Color Cameras, 680 TVL rated to .1 LUX 
  • Side & Down View, both with Adjustable Remote Focus 
  • 360° Speed Adjustable Rotation 
  • Adjustable White LED Lighting 
  • Stainless Steel Centralizer 
A Green Spool of Wire

Reel Details

  • Heavy Duty Reel
  • Anodized Aluminum with Zinc Oxide Coated Steel Hubs 
  • Motorized, Right Angle Gear Motor, 120 Vac 
  • Mechanical Cable Spooler with Linear Counter 
  • Cable Lengths 3000 feet (900 meters) to 6000 feet (1800 meters) 
  • CAT 5, 24 AWG, Twisted Pair Cable 
  • Tough Polyurethane Flexible Jacket 
  • Cable Rated to 4000 lb. Break Strength (1800 Kg) 
  • Reel Easily Mounts in Trailer, Van, or Truck Bed 
A Green Spool of Wire on a Trailer Side View

Other Features

  • Adjustable Height Stainless-Steel Tripod 
  • User Friendly Control Panel 
  • 12 Inch Flat Screen Monitor (30 cm) 
  • On-Screen depth Counter Read Out 
  • On-Screen Video Typewriter 
  • DVR with Removable SD Card
  • USB Adapter for SD Card


  • Case Mounted Control Panel, Monitor & DVR 
  • Mini-Camera Head, 1.7” OD (43 mm), Color Camera, Down View only
A Green Spool of Wire on a Trailer Side View

Reach out to us for more information about our deep well camera or borehole inspection camera systems. Call us at 940-391-6334 or email us at or We look forward to hearing from you!